About Juliet

BA (Hons), Diploma Counselling, (MIP) Certificate Clinical Supervision, Certificate Counselling, Registered Member of the Brititish Association of Counsellors and Physchotherapists, Dip RSA, Diploma Asperger Therapy, Master Practitioner Angelic Reiki, Crystal Reiki Therapist, Usui Reiki Practitioner, Master Teacher Magnified Healing.

Hi I’m Juliet, welcome to my website. I thought I would share a little about myself and my world to see if I can offer whatever guidance it is you are searching for.  As a spiritual wellness coach I offer energy healing using angelic reiki, counselling for multiple different areas and clinical supervision. I offer each of these as individual services but I also offer them as a combined approach providing a unique way to heal the mind, body and spirit.

I have over twenty years of experience working within the voluntary and statutory sector providing integrated family support, counselling and training to those involved in the criminal justice system, leaving care system, social care and schools, as well as personal family therapy and therapy for bereavement and weight loss. As an integrated family support worker I have worked on the Troubled Families agenda, been the lead on Early Helps and attended Children in Need and Child Protection meetings as a matter of course. I also work in schools with a caseload of families who I support to help to change behaviour, poor attendance and anti-social behaviour. As well as in the schools itself, outside of schools I work one to one with parents helping to support them emotionally and implement effective parenting strategies. I have extensive experience of working with children, young people and adults who have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse, bullying, addictive behaviour, bereavement, self-harm, spiritual crisis, redundancy and terminal illness to name but a few issues.

I provide counselling assessments for families involved with CAFCASS.  As well as providing mediation and counselling to the family, I offer supervised contact sessions where I will supervise contact between the parent and child and provide updates and a final statement following completion if needed. Parenting programs are often a requirement by court and I can offer you a six week program with a certificate of attendance. I enjoy supporting children and adults with Aspergers and I’m also seeing more and more crystal children as time goes on. I help parents to recognise the special needs of the child looking at diet, lifestyle and schooling.

I’ve been questioning for some time the current therapeutic counselling modalities and their effectiveness and feel strongly that we are moving into a new age of being and that to me means a new way of thinking and addressing how we heal ourselves. This has led me down a pathway to bring my expertise in the field of counselling into a combination treatment with spiritual wellness coaching along with energy healing and angelic reiki in a powerful integrated session which helps both the emotional and physical well-being. I offer each of these services individually but I love this unique combined approach to healing as I’ve found it to be incredibly effective at changing one’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

Through my own personal experiences, I have found that I can connect with people on a deeper level in understanding their own pain and showing them ways of moving forward as a happy, centred, peaceful person. No matter what we have gone through in life we can always learn to find our way and feel whole again. Positive thinking is one way that I live my life but my attitude is to be appreciative every day for the people and circumstances in my life.  I hope I can help you to bring some light back in to your lives.

*I have evidence of CPD training in safeguarding, sexual exploitation, multi-agency working and counselling.  I carry an enhanced DBS along with public liability and professional indemnity insurance.  I’m also a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.