Spiritual Life Coaching

During this 60 minute healing treatment I channel a high frequency energy, The Mintakan energy to help people to release emotional trauma and experiences that have become ‘locked’ into the unconscious mind and energetic field.  Mintakan Healing™  can be very beneficial for treating physical or emotional illnesses.  I will start the session by taking five minutes to ground you and help you to feel relaxed by removing the stresses of the day.  During this time the Angelics are already at work healing you!  You are then encouraged to set your intention for the healing and you then lie back and experience a full body healing treatment where your Chakra energy centres are cleansed and re aligned and I will focus, with the help of the Masters and Archangels, to clear energy blocks around the body.  For instance you may be dealing with bowel issues or recovering from an operation or have inflammation.  I will channel healing to the emotional and physical bodies whilst you relax and allow the energy to do its work.  Energy healing can help us in so many ways and it truly needs to be experienced to be understood!   Not only does it clear out and uplift our personal vibration, it also opens portals to the influx of new and higher Consciousness from the Spiritual Realms. It has been described as similar to having a pair of loving hands on our back, gently supporting us and keeping us from falling backwards on our path to healing. Likewise, it firmly urges us on as we move forward toward wholeness.

Mintakan Healing™ effectively clears out our energy more and more over time and if used repeatedly, eventually raises the rate at which we vibrate physically as well as spiritually, increasing vitality and awareness, increasing freedom and joy, and moving us toward our true soul nature. Energy healing is also a complementary treatment for those undergoing cancer treatments. These healing modalities are simple but profound methods of healing to treat the mind, body and spirit.  Many clients are often seeking some balance to their busy lives and Mintakan healing does just that by promoting a wonderful sense of peace, clarity, calm and well being. Why not take time out to experience the benefits this wonderful healing treatment can offer you.


Transform your life through life coaching

Imagine having the opportunity to work with someone who can show you how to live out your hearts desires and your version of your most ideal life. Have you wanted to make some changes this year but never got round to it or simply didn’t know where to begin?

A Life Coach is a bit like a catalyst for change.  The way you think can profoundly influence the way you feel, therefore learning to think differently can enable you to feel and act very differently. Drawing on cognitive behavioural therapy and intuitive guidance I will use effective and very simple methods to explore and tackle any self –defeating thinking you might have and help to replace it with a problem solving outlook. Clients work with me to:

  • Resolve self sabotaging issues
  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Add more meaning to life
  • Improve stress reduction
  • Move beyond repetitive patterns of behaviours
  • Discover their true calling in life

During the sessions you will be helped to deal with difficult emotions, become more assertive, create vision boards, overcome procrastination, address career issues, make better decisions, tackle poor time management skills and handle criticism in a more constructive way.  You will learn ways to enjoy a more balanced lifestyle both in your personal life and in your career.

If you feel ready for a change in your life and feel committed to make changes then life coaching can be a great idea. I will focus on what you want to change and together we will draw up a plan of action to move forward to achieving these goals. We will look at what your aspirations are, what makes you tick and what your values and life purpose is. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”