Distance Healing

Angelic Reiki can also be used for distance (absentia) healing if you are too far away or unable to travel and can be performed at any distance. I like to arrange a mutually convenient time with you when I know that you will be sitting quietly in order to participate fully in the healing session. However I can send healing to anyone at any time, which is a fascinating and intriguing aspect of the concept! Reiki really is a wonderful way to treat yourself when you feel the need to unwind. As the healing proceeds you may find that you start to look at areas of your life that have been difficult in some way and take practical steps to address these issues.

Distance healing is also very popular for those who have pets. I tune in to the energy of your pet and send healing accordingly. You may notice your pet twitching or lying still for the duration of the healing however they will soon get up and move around when they have had enough!