Heart of Mary Magdalene Healing

I am a conscious, spiritual healing channel for Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm and work particularly closely with the Divine Feminine energy of Mary Magdalene. I assist my clients with soul healing as well as healing the root cause of current life imbalances.

What happens during a session depends on where you are and what you want in that moment. The Mary Magdalene energy is so beautiful and gentle, her love enables us to amplify the Light of the Divine Feminine within us. She facilitates a beautiful re connection to the Divine Goddess energies, helping you to feel more at one with source. Often we get caught up in the drama of life on the physical and forget the beauty within!  This specific energy healing helps those who have felt suppressed and desire to be more true to themselves. It will bring more peace and compassion in to your life and help to raise your vibration to a higher level.