Energy Healing

Intuitive Angel therapy™ is a wonderful session consisting of an Angel card reading followed by Angelic Reiki healing to help to release any blocks or fears.  Using a combination of decks the cards will guide you in relationships, communication with spirit, life purpose and career.

In the reading, we will be working towards defining your objective for the reading, understanding the themes in your life that contribute towards your current states and reviewing possible solutions and prospective outcomes. Our aim will be to understand, overcome and move on.

The Angels are just waiting to connect with you and offer their loving support to guide and assist you in all aspects of your life. They will highlight the opportunities that are coming to you and the choices that you always have in life. The Angels will guide you through and help you to make positive choices and take positive action in your life in a way that will bring you the results that you want.

My ultimate desire with the Intuitive Angel Therapy ™sessions is to empower you with choices and to provide you with the tools to move towards your most ideal life.