Reiki for Recovery


Overcoming an addiction, whether it be to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling or to chocolate or compulsive behaviours, can seem like a long, uphill struggle.  Reiki can be a truly wonderful support for addicts in various stages of recovery, whether they are in the early stages of detoxification or have many years of being ‘clean’ behind them.  I am not suggesting that Reiki should replace getting into a 12-step programme or medical treatment – in fact I would actively encourage you to do so.

Reiki can:

  • Ease physical discomfort linked with withdrawal from chemical dependency, such as joint and muscle pain, headaches, the shakes, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Encourage better sleep patterns
  • Ease cravings
  • Calm the mind, ease panic attacks
  • Create a sense of relaxation and peace
  • Reduce mood swings and irritability
  • Tackle the emotional issues at the root of the dependency
  • Help detoxify and cleanse the body
  • Enable emotional clearing
  • Promote spiritual growth

Often addictions are caused by a need to suppress painful emotions such as anger, fear, grief, resentment, self-loathing or guilt. Many clients may have been through rehab on a number of occasions.  Reiki not only works on a physical level but helps to resolve the deeper underlying emotional, mental and spiritual issues and thus offers a far greater chance of a long-term recovery. Reiki encourages acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness both of oneself and of others.

I offer a 21-day programme of Reiki support, personally adapted to take account of your own requirements and core issues which we will review and update together on a regular basis, making note of particular triggers.  As part of the programme I offer an initial consultation either face to face or by email if you prefer and will continue to offer full email support.  I will send you distance Reiki every day for 21 days (the period that many experts consider to be the period needed to instill new habits) at a pre-agreed time.

Reiki is also a wonderful support for those family members who are having to deal with the day to day stresses and strains that often go hand-in-hand with living with a loved one who is struggling with an addiction. I can offer one-off sessions to help deal with a build up of emotions during particularly stressful periods or teach you Reiki so that you can better support yourself and your family.