Skype Therapy

Skype therapy is becoming increasingly popular, it even has its own name now “Skypotherapy”!

The majority of my work comes from recommendations and that is pretty fantastic and as a result of my growing links abroad I’m receiving even more interest in therapy sessions.   Therefore I’m now doing more and more video Skype™ calls for those who are unable to come and see me here in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Some clients use Whatsapp face time which is a great alternative to Skype™.

Students who have moved away and even those clients who have gone on holiday still want to have therapy!  So to those that would like to see me then please contact me for more information on Skype™ Therapy. It’s been proven to be just as effective as the traditional face to face therapy so don’t worry about that and as an experienced intuitive and spiritual counsellor I will ensure you have the very best outcome !!

How does it work? Well setting up your Skype™ session is easy:

BOOK: Contact me to set up a suitable time for your sessions.
PAY: Pay for your session in advance by PayPal (I’ll send a PayPal invoice to your email address).
CALL: Call me on my Skype-name at the agreed time and away we go.

Traditionally, clients have meetings with a counsellor face to face together in a counselling room. Skype™ counselling moves from counsellor and client being together in a room to being connected via Skype™, with the counsellor located in their place of work and the client wherever works for them – usually at home. It’s cheaper for you with no transport costs or time lost travelling to me. It might be emotionally difficult for you to leave your home therefore you can remain relaxed in the comfort of your own environment. I also offer flexible time slots in the evenings and weekends.

I always hold the sessions in a quiet room and all content remains confidential. I will email a consent form and contract as I would normally and we can proceed from there.