Therapy Through Meaning™

This new six week program is an interesting approach using Logotherapy / Existential therapy to deal with crises, trauma, depression, grief, obsessive compulsive disorders and anxiety with a philosophical directive to help you to question and explore one’s meaning in life.  You may be experiencing what is known as an Existential Crisis where the answers you previously had to questions about the meaning of life and your place in it no longer provides satisfaction, direction or peace of mind.  Many people have a deep sense of loss due to extreme changes occurring in their such as a marriage breakdown, loss of health or career for example. This can leave individuals experiencing the ‘dark night of the soul’ and re defining the meaning of their lives and analysing life lessons up to the present moment.

My Therapy Through Meaning™ program will help to free you emotionally and mentally from painful thoughts and help you to make sense of a difficult situation you may be facing.  This program will help you to sustain the change made during your six weeks with me and you will feel confident to a manage your life in a more fulfilling and meaningful way.

I also add a twist to this program by incorporating strategies that you can implement quite easily, if it is right for you of course, such as meditation and energy healing. Together I will help you to explore your understanding of meaning through your creative, experiential and attitudinal values in the past, present and future.  Questions that are often asked are ”What do you want and why is this important? What are you seeking to experience spiritually and emotionally by reaching this goal? What are your internal and external resources? How can you play with your perspective to try out some new ways to look at your situation or new things to do that you haven’t done before? What would this change make possible in your life?

This isn’t as difficult as it looks but for those who are looking for a different take on therapy, who are open to questioning and want to lead a more fulfilling existence then this is definitely for you!