Parenting Program

Many parents are having problems maintaining contact with their children and in the past these parents have found that the options open to them maybe limited and expensive to pursue.

In some cases the court put in place a Contact Activity Direction. A Contact Activity Direction is when a parent takes part in an activity which is designed to establish, maintain or improve contact. A contact activity can only be put in place as a court order or direction. The child’s welfare is the paramount consideration for the court when deciding whether to make such a direction.

A typical Contact Activity Direction may require one or both parents to attend parenting programs, these are classes with the underlying objective of getting contact to work for all concerned.

I offer a six week parenting program which consists of one hour per week addressing topics such as the emotional impact of separation on the family, establishing healthy contact with your children, developing communication with your ex and children and parenting plans.

I often work with cases that are also being supported by CAFCASS so please state if this applies to you.

On completion of the program if you are asked to provide a statement for court, or for any other professional body, I am happy to do this at an extra cost.

The six week Parenting Program is charged at £450 and can be held online or in person.

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