Spiritual Wellness Program for Children

What is included in the package?

Spiritual Wellness Coaching takes a unique, multi-dimensional approach to healing in order to help your child to deal with a variety of difficult issues in his or her life. Be prepared for their souls to be completely nourished during our time together!

I have designed this unique offering to help your child to find freedom from upsetting, painful or limiting thoughts and beliefs and guide them to better understand and navigate the difficult situation they may be facing with grace and confidence.

Through the six-week process your child will uncover more about themselves and embody confidence in managing their emotions in healthier, more meaningful ways in order to bring about greater fulfilment in managing their relationships with others.

The program is bespokely curated to meet the child’s individual needs and desired outcomes. I will expertly weave in tools, techniques and strategies from an array of healing modalities that include guided meditations, colour and art therapy, play therapy, crystal healing, visualisations, creative journaling along with gentle Angelic Reiki healing – just to name a few.

This Six Week Spiritual Wellness Program can help your child to:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and fear and learn ways to better deal with difficult emotions
  • Heal emotional hurt from their childhood
  • Navigate the difficult journey of puberty
  • Support Crystal children to recognise their healing abilities
  • Soothe Highly Sensitive Children and Empaths
  • Resolve self-sabotaging, self-limiting or self-defeating thoughts, beliefs, or behaviours that are holding them back from doing well in school
  • Improve health and wellbeing by looking at nutritious foods
  • Enhance relationships and help them to recognise healthier friendships
  • Look at cyberbullying and social media peer pressure
  • Manage difficult life transitions such as changing schools
  • Embody confidence and become more assertive in their decisions and actions
  • Experience Angelic Energy Healing to balance their mind, body and spirit
  • … and so much more!

If this speaks to you, and you feel the pull to up level your child’s life, help them to step into their own power to become responsible young people then my Spiritual Wellness Program is aligned just for them!

Your investment for the Six Week Spiritual Wellness Program is £450

”I don’t say this lightly, but therapy saved me and my children.  I shudder to think where we would be now if we’d not chosen the therapist we had.  Immediately she recognised the root cause of our issues and skilfully guided us.  It was a path I could never have chosen alone, or even begun to have contemplated choosing.   As a result, 12 years on, my children and I are thriving.  There is no amount of money that could buy this outcome.  I am thankful every day for this service.  It saved us”.

Jo Cliff, UK