Intuitive Angelic Reiki

In my Intuitive Angelic Reiki sessions, we will use Angelic Reiki in combination with guidance from the beautiful Angel cards in order to resolve any feelings of helplessness, sadness, fear or anxiety that you may be experiencing in relation to a particular health condition.

Angelic Reiki is a very gentle, yet incredibly powerful healing frequency to facilitate emotional and physical transformation. You will be invited to lie back on a comfortable healing couch. I will then tune in, channelling my team of healing guides and set to work. I will be using healing crystals placed on and around you. You may find that you fall asleep or you might enjoy sensing the energies around you. The healing is simply divine!

Held in the heart of Staffordshire Orchard Cottage is a very healing space and you will leave feeling a warming sense of bliss!

Following the healing, I will draw on the oracle cards to provide a reading for divine guidance and clarity on the steps you can take to move forward in your life.

These sessions will embody you with a greater sense of self-empowerment, giving you the assurance and self-confidence to take back control of your own life. You will be guided to strengthen the innate sense of vitality and wellness that has, and always will reside within you.

If you are new to Angelic Reiki Healing and are seeking to explore an alternate, complementary healing modality, then I would love to work with you.

Your investment for Intuitive Angelic Reiki is £70 per 50 minute session.


”Having energy healing with Juliet has had such a positive effect on my wellbeing. I was really struggling when I first went to see her and now I have more energy, feel much calmer and much more positive in general – people have actually commented on how much better I look! I would definitely recommend trying it!! Juliet is amazing, extremely intuitive and also really lovely. She put me at ease straight away and explained everything really clearly – I would totally recommend her”

Amanda Whalley, UK

”Where do I start I was recommended to try surgical reiki at a mind body spirit event and given transformational healing number as having reiki in the past I was very open to how good it was. In the past since 2014 I have had lots of brain problems and other health issues and was at a loss as medications were not working. On my first visit it was fabulous and I can not still put into words how great energized and more importantly I’ve not had a headache since and other health problems have got better too. I’ve now had a second session and I was left feeling gob smacked and feeling back to 100% better I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart how u have changed my life for the better and for relieving me from so much pain I can now have my life back and do things I want and to spend precious time with my hubby and son instead of being bed bound daily. I would highly recommend surgical reiki to anyone and would say to people if in doubt be open to try new things cuz u never no how fantastic it could change ur life and Juliet without u and ur energy and healing powers this wouldn’t be possible so thank you xblessings and love and peace x Sabina x.”

Sabina Clewes, UK

”I had some angelic reiki healing with Juliet Bunting and was amazed at how well it made me feel. Totally rejuvenated me. I came out feeling a lot lighter, not so weighed down with crippling issues that I tend to carry around with me. Definitely want to go back and have some more. Juliet is a fantastic person with so much warmth for other people and totally selfless. She is also a very gifted healer. Would definitely recommend trying this anyone that is intrigued by it.”

Kerrie Lambert, UK