Children’s Counselling

Like adults, children can be hugely affected by what is happening around them: parent’s fighting, separation/divorce, loss of a family member, bullying, addictions, school, stress, self-esteem, relationship abuse, cyber bullying, self harm and much more. Children can often deal with problems very differently to adults. Depending on the age of the child, these behaviours can range from bed-wetting, tantrums, nightmares, hyperactivity, difficulties with their peers, truanting, anti social behaviour, bullying others, withdrawal and a host of other behavioural issues.

As an established family therapist and counsellor I provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment to help children and young people to express themselves, relieve their stress and improve their social and emotional well being.  I aim to try and get to the root of the problem as well as providing strategies to put in to place to promote healthier relationships within the home and also aim to strengthen relationships with non-resident parents where possible.

Your investment for Children's Counselling is £80 per 60 minute session.


“Juliet literally changed our lives. Our ASD son was struggling with depression and we decided to get him some 1-1 help with Juliet. She helped him cope with his emotions and work through the issues he was having. After just a few months, we felt like we had our little boy back. That was 4 years ago and he’s been fine ever since. Worth every penny.”

Sarah M Fish, UK

”I got intouch with Juliet as my son age 9 was having some difficulties with his confidence, socialising, and anxiety. It was a big step for my son to agree that he’d like to speak to somebody about how he was feeling but Juliet put him & myself both at ease as soon as we met. Juliet is very easy to talk & open up to, she is very relaxed and calming which is what my son needed. After 3-4 weekly sessions we started to see a huge improvement in my son and even his school teacher commented on how he much he has come out of his shell and is participating in class much more confidently.
Thank you Juliet he couldn’t have got there without you!”

Emily Corbishley, UK