Walk and Talk Therapy

Moving my therapy base to the quaint canal town of Stone has opened up the opportunity for me to offer Walking Therapy to my clients.

Walk and talk is part of the branch of ecotherapy and is wonderfully therapeutic for those with anxiety, depression or simply for those who are looking for a natural holistic option outside the confines of my counselling room.

Walking in nature can have a hugely beneficial impact on our mental wellbeing and although ecopsychology is an emerging field, it’s pretty accepted across the board that failing to connect with our environment is going to affect our mental health.

These one to one sessions are 60 minutes, gently walking at your own pace and if there is seating we’ll sit too. This is a gentle therapeutic walk and talk or walk and sit.

Your investment for Walk and Talk therapy is £70 per 60 minutes.


”I can highly recommend Juliet Bunting as a Counsellor – she truly unpicks all the nitty gritty stuff that we all keep so deeply buried within our souls and enables you to find acceptance and new ways of thinking! Trust me – if you are looking for a Counsellor – you will not be disappointed!”

Alison Cathleen, UK