Counselling for Empaths

An empath is someone who is highly aware of the emotions of those around them, to the point of feeling those emotions themselves. Empaths see the world differently than other people; they’re keenly aware of others, their pain and what they need emotionally.

Many Highly Sensitive People are also empaths — but there may be slight differences between the two.  Having a high degree of empathy is just one of the four traits that make someone an HSP in addition to emotions. It’s likely that most empaths are highly sensitive, but not all highly sensitive people are necessarily empaths. 

As with any trait, HSP’s/ Empaths often have a range of benefits and challenges. When denied or ignored, these can easily lead to problems like depression, anxiety, and challenges with work, school or relationships. But when embraced can bring tremendous possibility and meaning to our lives.  For many, knowing the trait allows a sense of peace in knowing that they are not ‘flawed’ or experiencing a disorder.

I work with Highly Sensitive People and Empaths to better understand the trait and its unique interplay with their needs, values, and aspirations. While the challenges and opportunities presented by High Sensitivity are richly diverse, I can help with:

  • Adjust work, home or school life to reduce over-stimulation and overwhelm
  • Address shyness and loneliness to begin cultivating relationships
  • Be understood, and have your needs met with friends, family, colleagues and partners
  • Help you to heal after experiencing distressing, overwhelming or traumatising events
  • Explore any longstanding guilt, shame, or regret
  • Navigate the search for meaning and purpose
  • Begin to examine and reconcile concerns around areas of moral and ethical importance.

I like to use a combination of therapeutic techniques in the counselling process with you.  The best way is to get to know you and find out what best resonates with you- for example, some people prefer a more intellectual way of working whilst others get more benefit from experiential or intuitive ways of working.  I have various ‘tools’ in my ‘toolkit’, but I need to get to know you better to develop a supportive wellness package.  

If you feel the calling to reach out to me I would love to hear from you.

Counselling for Empath sessions are charged at £65 and can be held online or in person.

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