Clinical Supervision

As a Clinical Supervisor I provide supervision to Counsellors and other professionals such as staff in school who have direct responsibility for supervising staff or managing a childs welfare.

Why Supervision?

  • Ethical requirement (NCPS, organisations, agencies etc)
  • Ensures accountability among Counsellors, Teachers, Social Workers and others in the caring professions.
  • Many professionals work in isolation and solitude and the work can be exhausting creating vulnerability

What do Supervisors do?

  • Enable insight
  • Monitor and Evaluate
  • Support and challenge
  • Evaluate theory and practice
  • Facilitate personal development
  • Monitor blockages and blind spots
  • Facilitate professional development
  • Highlight strengths and weaknesses
  • Monitor and evaluate content and process
  • Monitor fitness to practice and observe ethics
  • Monitor conditions in which practice takes place
  • Monitor and evaluate strategies and interventions
  • Encourages exploration of new ideas & techniques
  • Support and challenge professionals in direct relation to current practice
  • Recognise personal and developmental needs of the counsellor/professional
Your investment for Clinical Supervision is £80 per 90 minutes.