Counselling & Spiritual Wellness Coaching

These divine one hour sessions are a unique blend of humanistic counselling and spiritual wellness coaching – taking a multi dimensional approach to support you in dealing with difficult issues in your life.  

I have designed this unique offering to help you find freedom from upsetting, painful or limiting thoughts and beliefs and guide you to better understand and navigate the difficult situation you may be facing with grace and confidence.

These sessions will help to free you emotionally and mentally from painful thoughts and help you to make sense of a difficult situation you may be facing.  You will feel more confident to manage your life in a more fulfilling and meaningful way. 

I also add a twist by incorporating strategies that you can implement quite easily, if it is right for you of course, such as meditation and energy healing. 

Counselling and Spiritual Wellness sessions are charged at £65 and can be held online or in person.


'' I’ve only been to see Juliet once and I’m due to go again soon. Such an amazing experience where I was made to feel valued and that I mattered. I only took positives away from my first visit and I am very much looking forward to my second!''.

Jodie Lewis, UK

'' I first met Juliet when I was studying at University as counselling was compulsory to my course, never have I met a professional who I can say I honestly trusted through my various other experiences until I met Juliet. Juliet is just a whole can of wonderful and has taught me so much about myself, enhancing what I already had and supporting me in letting go of my demons, I myself have no words of the experiences I have endured, but one thing I can say is I will always be greatful for what she has done for me and would highly recommend her to any one I know thank you Juliet''.                                                       

Michelle Vernall, UK