Family Therapy

If you’re having problems as a family, whatever’s causing them, Family Therapy can help your whole family to communicate better, and to understand and resolve differences.

My approach is always to remain child focused and as such I incorporate an holistic approach to addressing family issues.

What are the benefits of family therapy:

  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Improve communication
  • Define someone’s role within the family
  • Improve family dynamics and relationships
  • Provide coping strategies for family members
  • Incorporate healthier lifestyles

What to expect from your first session:

  • I will meet with your family either online or in the comfort of your family home.
  • I will gently ask questions to learn more about the problems affecting your family and what changes would like to be made
  • I will then suggest a plan or direction for subsequent sessions.  Such as meeting with the children on a one to one and working with the parents on a separate occasion  
  • I will liaise, if necessary or if you wish me to, with any other agencies who may be involved with your family
Your investment for Family Therapy is £85 per 60 minutes.


”I don’t say this lightly, but therapy saved me and my children.  I shudder to think where we would be now if we’d not chosen the therapist we had.  Immediately she recognised the root cause of our issues and skilfully guided us.  It was a path I could never have chosen alone, or even begun to have contemplated choosing.   As a result, 12 years on, my children and I are thriving.  There is no amount of money that could buy this outcome.  I am thankful every day for this service.  It saved us”.

Jo Cliff, UK

”Juliet was recommended to me over 4 years ago to counsel my daughter through a difficult time. To say Juliet is amazing is an understatement. After only a few sessions my daughter transformed into a confident aware and very happy teenager and we haven’t looked back. Words could never thank her enough, the best I can do in return is recommend her, Juliet is professional and a genius in what she was born to do. Thank you Juliet”.

Paula Bevan, UK