Online Relationship Counselling

The past two years has seen a sharp increase in the number of couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties. According to a BBC News article ‘Covid ended our marriage’: The couples who split in the pandemic – more and more people were reaching out for online therapy.

But how does having online relationship counselling differ from face to face therapy?

The fist thing is to identify a therapist that you feel drawn to and who offers online therapy. You will need a laptop or smart phone which supports the use of Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp face to face. Ensure that you have somewhere comfortable to be seated during your hour with the counsellor with adequate lighting and good Wi-Fi signal.. Consider if you would benefit from headphones if you are not already set up with a microphone.

Your counsellor will give you a date and time for your session and will send you a link which you will click on and it will allow you to join the meeting.

Once you have found a comfortable space, set up your phone or laptop and minimised the risk of interruption you will find that speaking with your counsellor will feel quite normal.

Couples counselling doesn’t have to involve both of you together. You can always take turns and alternate sessions, especially if childcare makes it hard for you.

Sometimes clients can feel uncomfortable or threatened if their partner speaks to the therapist on their own, while others may find it easier to talk one to one. You should always raise any concerns with your therapy.

“Communication is key. That’s what so much of a counsellor’s work is about – helping a couple find ways of communicating with each other.”