Do What You Love

Spiritual Wellness Coaching is a soulful merging of Integrative Counselling, Intuitive Energy healing and Holistic approaches to wellbeing.

One of the things I find that often comes up when I’m supporting women with their emotional wellbeing is that they don’t do what they love!! Women often lose an aspect of themselves trying to be everything they think society wants them to be: super mum, career woman, the obliging daughter to toxic parents or the oppressed and supressed soul to abusive partners.

If YOU could do anything right now, regardless of time, money or ability or any other limiting factors,, what would YOU CHOOSE?

Are you holding yourself back, feel you have to be sensible, act your age or feel too old for something?

What if ‘one day’ became ‘today’ instead?

Eat the cake, buy those shoes, go exploring, connect with great people!!!

Even if it’s out of your budget, what’s the first step YOU could take towards that goal?
Approach each day with a small glimmer of positivity and you will soon begin to see the possibilities.