Supporting a loved one who has stopped drinking

Supporting a loved one who has stopped drinking can be an essential factor in their successful recovery. Here are some ways you can support your loved one:

Offer to help them find and attend support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, where they can meet people who are going through similar experiences and receive support from peers.

Listen to your loved one when they want to talk about their struggles or feelings. Sometimes, just having someone to listen to can be very therapeutic.

Try to avoid situations that might tempt or trigger your loved one to start drinking again, such as social events where alcohol is served.

Offer positive reinforcement by congratulating your loved one on their progress and remind them of the positive changes they have made since quitting drinking.

Be patient and understanding: Recovery is a process, and setbacks are a part of that process. Be patient and understanding with your loved one, and let them know that you support them no matter what.

Seek professional help: If you feel like you need more support or guidance on how to best support your loved one, consider seeking the help of a professional therapist or counsellor.

Remember, recovery from alcoholism is a lifelong process and your support can be a significant factor in your loved one’s success.