Online Counselling

As an ONLINE therapy service I am able to offer my clients much more flexibility in scheduling appointments. I use the meeting platform Zoom which is great for when I want to share useful resources with my clients.

For those of you who are thinking about online therapy below are just a few reasons why you must give it a go!!

Online counselling offers many benefits, including:

Increased access to mental health services: Online counselling provides a convenient and accessible way for you to receive mental health support, especially for those of you who live in remote areas or have difficulty accessing traditional face-to-face counselling.

More flexibility: Online counselling allows for more flexible scheduling, allowing you to work around your own schedule and commitments.

Greater privacy and anonymity: Online counselling can provide a greater sense of privacy and anonymity than traditional face-to-face counselling, as you can communicate from the comfort of your own home.

Cost savings: Online counselling can be more cost effective than traditional face-to-face counselling, as there are no travel costs involved.

Comfort: You get to stay in the comfort of your warm home and you can sit wherever you are most comfortable. Many clients have a drink with them and they are very at ease.

My observations over the years of working online are that clients who I see online jump straight into the session and use their time effectively. In person clients, due to rushing to get to me, need time to wind down and 10 minutes of their session time can often be lost. 10 minutes is valuable time!!